Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goodbye Pest-y-Pets with Organic Insecticide

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I’ve Pets in my house. I have a big aquarium tank with only (2) two fighting fish, a pair of turtles and the most annoying Pest-y-Pets – Those that usually lingers in our house unreachable spots like cockroaches and black mice.

To tell you honestly, we only live in a small pad. Small that the kitchen is only inches away from the sala with only a mezzanine space for bedroom. With this kind of space, I just let my pet turtles roam around the house. Good thing they potty trained and know their own territory – under my mom plant box where a mini-pool and soil is installed whenever I get mad at them.

Because of this, I do not encourage all the members of my family use inorganic products. Unfortunately stubborn pest took that opportunity. Good thing I was able to watch KrisTV on ABS-CBN. That time they guest Senator Cheez Escudero to provide tips on house keeping solutions using organic products. One of which is the Pandan Leaves, they use it as an alternative insecticide. They said that cockroaches and other pest hate its scent. So I tried it, I put pandan leaves under those hidden spots and wooolllaaaah! The day after that, I’ve never seen a trace, but still I’m not satisfied. I feel like they are just planning for vengeance so I did even tried mixing ginger and pepper to water, and spray it on those hidden spots. Sen. Escudero said that the strong scent of ginger and pepper are good detractors for pest.

I believe there is nothing wrong with trying - especially if it’s this easy and affordable. In fact you can even plant this things up so the next time you need it, you wouldn’t mind spending a penny cause it’ll be just around the corner of your house.

The best thing is that, it’s very friendly for my beloved pets.

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