Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I grew up listening to Andrew E's Raps, and honestly I found its content very malicious until one day I heard this guy named GLOC 9 rapping with an ultimate speed, he do get my attention. At first I don't really listen to the content of his music, even though its very clear in my ears. - I don't know I just love its rhyme
His real name is "Aristotle Pollisco", an award winning artist. YEAH He raps! :)

Yes Indeed, he raps clearly, direct and concise. The content of most of his song is REVOLUTIONARY, and amazingly he deliver it with such power, you'll feel it to your every vain.

Another thing I like about Gloc 9 is he was able to use his talent and bring the "common" to mainstream and made it "uncommon". This guy indeed has a great voice in the industry. One of a kind.

"Lando" - one of his music, gives me heavy goosebumps every time I listen.

Gloc 9 is indeed a KANTO person reflecting a real society with real people living in it.

    hahahaha! SIMPLENG TAO! Old School! PALAG! I really like this Song eh!

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