Friday, July 29, 2011

Juan Hapito

Juan Hapito

I 'am no illuminati, nor a pigment of your imaginations. I ‘am just common man with uncommon beliefs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I grew up listening to Andrew E's Raps, and honestly I found its content very malicious until one day I heard this guy named GLOC 9 rapping with an ultimate speed, he do get my attention. At first I don't really listen to the content of his music, even though its very clear in my ears. - I don't know I just love its rhyme
His real name is "Aristotle Pollisco", an award winning artist. YEAH He raps! :)

Yes Indeed, he raps clearly, direct and concise. The content of most of his song is REVOLUTIONARY, and amazingly he deliver it with such power, you'll feel it to your every vain.

Another thing I like about Gloc 9 is he was able to use his talent and bring the "common" to mainstream and made it "uncommon". This guy indeed has a great voice in the industry. One of a kind.

"Lando" - one of his music, gives me heavy goosebumps every time I listen.

Gloc 9 is indeed a KANTO person reflecting a real society with real people living in it.

    hahahaha! SIMPLENG TAO! Old School! PALAG! I really like this Song eh!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goodbye Pest-y-Pets with Organic Insecticide

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I’ve Pets in my house. I have a big aquarium tank with only (2) two fighting fish, a pair of turtles and the most annoying Pest-y-Pets – Those that usually lingers in our house unreachable spots like cockroaches and black mice.

To tell you honestly, we only live in a small pad. Small that the kitchen is only inches away from the sala with only a mezzanine space for bedroom. With this kind of space, I just let my pet turtles roam around the house. Good thing they potty trained and know their own territory – under my mom plant box where a mini-pool and soil is installed whenever I get mad at them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

ME & NIVEA FOR MEN: Whitening Cleanser Scrub REVIEW
I’m not alike with those good looking guys we see on magazines and TV. I’m just an ordinary dude who does usual things like you. I’m not also that kind of OC on the way I look. In fact, I could go outside our house and face people without even combing my curly hair. Honestly, if we’re going to talk about my hair, that will be a long story, but to cut the chase, “whatever shampoo” I use even for weeks will only provide me short term effects. To be more precise with the term whatever shampoo, I’m the only guy in our family since my dad is away and it leaves me no choice but to use a so said family shampoo that’s truly fit for the girls.

Yes indeed, I’m a guilty user of girly stuffs and very often I feel not satisfied with its effects, especially when we talk about facial care.

My ears gone fierce with URBANEARS! (bagis review)

My earphones got busted while editing a video on my computer. Only the left earpiece is functioning. I remember I just bought it for like two (2) weeks before and now it’s broken. The feeling was really depressing because I’m required not to open the speakers as everybody in the house is in their deep sleep. I’ve no choice but to stop what I’m doing and force myself to sleep as well. Good thing, the next morning I was invited to do a review about Urbanears Earphones.

Well for everybody who does not know URBANEARS, it’s a company that produces very fashionable earphones. They are minimalist in design yet can blend in high fashion styles. They’re earphones are very efficient in almost everybody’s lifestyle. To show you proofs, here’s their spring summer 2011 collection: