Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flip Top, Kanto Rap. Never underestimate or be square!

Ever been in a mind boggling situation where your tongue is challenged to speak whatever it needs to say with sense to defeat an opponent? Well, here’s a culture that will surely raise your hands off the roof as they meet and greet plus fight with style through a somewhat like modern Balagtasan or should we say “FlipTop”. 

Here’s a sample duel:

here's Dello VS Kial 

kids also move to the rhythm....
...even the girls! :)

Since I value such hobby, I see to it to create my own Fliptop. I know it’ll sound lousy but at least I tried. Hahahaha!

“Hoy abnoy, Kamukha mo si Bugoy!Kulang na lang sayo saging, Mukha ka ng unggoy!”

“Man your smell it stinks, where’d you get that odor? Under your sink?”

“Uso ba katangahan at nakikiuso ka? Oh sadyang natural sayo ang pagiging isang basura?”

“Ikaw na gwapo, ikaw na maraming chicks, mukha ka ngang mayaman, utak mo naman walang laman!”

Yeah it’s mean, but it’s just for fun. It also helps us to think quick so here’s another one:

“Kumain ka ng maraming asin, kasi kulang ka sa pansin! Mukha ka pang surot, sarap mong tirisin!”

I’m really enjoying it, but not the part of being mean. It’s the thought of expressing for me that counts. When I was in college and maybe up until today, my professor includes FlipTop activities in teaching. He challenges his students to duel in front of the class to improve their communication skills and boost confidence in speaking Filipino and even the English language. And of course, he makes sure that profanity is not allowed and would cause deduction of grades.

I’m sure some of you wouldn’t like the idea, but such activity for me would help a lot in the development of Arts and Literature among the youth. It may not seem to be a high form Art, but it could tell a story of how our generation expresses creativity in this corner of our lives.

You can’t help it; Fliptop is all over manila now and aims on conquering the whole world! Peace Yow!

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