Thursday, June 30, 2011

Balot: The Kanto Taste

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The name is “Balot”, not sure with the spelling since in some other places in the Philippines; they spelled it as “Balut” – an exotic food that was said to have good effects for our knees. As the Filipino saying goes pampatigas ng tuhod. I’m also not sure if proven but for me, it’s a good midnight snack.

Balot is an immature duck egg, meaning the embryo inside is almost formed but didn’t develop to hatch. The egg is boiled into a certain heat until its good for our digestion. You know sometimes it crosses my mind, “poor duckling, already dead but still killed in hot water” and then after eating: “Probably that’s they are made for”.

To those who are curious to eat, here are some things you should expect. One, expect a dead duckling inside. Yes! Indeed, a dead baby duck

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canned Sardines: Food for the Brain

Once in our life we experience complicated situations where we need to think wise to survive. Some easily fades, while some marks the start of a life changing journey. In this journey we decide what path to take and I’m pretty sure, I did the right thing to survive when I was still little.

Flash back, I’m 13, and usually my parents are always away, so my mother makes sure she leaves my allowance for a week. Unfortunately, if there’ll be extra projects, I’ am required to save money and reimburse it later.

To save money, I often sneak to our stock foods and bring canned sardines to School (my family don’t usually care if there’s a missing sardines) – that is because I usually spend a day in School for studying and participating in different co-curricular activities. I also make sure to cook rice in the morning so I can bring it to school as well.

Flip Top, Kanto Rap. Never underestimate or be square!

Ever been in a mind boggling situation where your tongue is challenged to speak whatever it needs to say with sense to defeat an opponent? Well, here’s a culture that will surely raise your hands off the roof as they meet and greet plus fight with style through a somewhat like modern Balagtasan or should we say “FlipTop”. 

Here’s a sample duel:

here's Dello VS Kial