Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip to Quiapo

Once upon a time in March, a week before the holy week, 6 (including me) little friends went out to go to church known in the Philippines as Quiapo Church. A place where miraculous and un-miraculous things occur, a place of praise and chase for little naughty fingers and a place for the extraordinary individuals that can turn your life up and down. Outside the church can be the best place for sinners as stuffs that would make us sin is pretty much available like ABORTION pills, SORCERRERS’ herbs (if you’re trying curse someone, which I hope you’re not planning to, LOL),Titillating VIBRATORS and lots of Porn movies (yeah!).

Cutting the chase, the story started at Guadalupe, Makati.  

Above is our picture, you won’t see me since I took it. That’s one disadvantage of having a camera. Hayyyysssstttttt….anyways, from there we took a jeepney for 45minutes to reach Taft Avenue and another 30minutes ride of jeepney to Quiapo church.

Six little friends, upon reaching Quiapo went straight to its church and pray. Since many devotees are present they decided to sing their praises outside the church. They only hear the songs and preach of the parish priest thru this Mega Phones installed outside the Minster

As time pass by, the six little friends hear this dialogue:

(in Filipino)  

-         “Sa lahat ng tumatangkilik ng RH bill at abortion, Ama patawarin mo po sila”

Here in the Philippines, Reproductive Health Bill is still incorporated with Abortion by the Catholic Church.

Anyways, outside the church, the Six little friends noticed this ironic picture

A Billboard of Contraceptives near the church of praise.

After the mass, they lingered around the area and were victimized by this naughty little Jesus Christ Bracelet Vendors.

Here’s the scene:

(translated in English)

Little Naughty Vendor: 
Hey buy this bracelet please! (angelic voice)

Friend 1: 
No thanks. (in a nice manner)

Little Naughty Vendor: 
(in a pushy manner, then started putting the bracelet in the close hand of friend 1)

Friend 1:
No thanks, I’m fine 
(Friend 1 returned the bracelet to the kid vendor. The kid raised its eye brow and friend 2 interfere)

Friend 2: 
He said NO! 
(The kid walks away, raising its head)

(Friend 2 grabs the kid and put the bracelet in its hands. Then violently says….)

Friend 2: 
I can get you killed if you’re not going to get this - I was joking on this part

Instead friend 2 said:
We can get you rehab (whispering)

(Little Naughty Vendor gets its bracelet and walks away)

Friend 2 didn’t mean to do that, but these children started to get rude on their customers. The six little friends started to realize that many of them could be in trouble in the future and therefore needs some care and guidance from their parents. They also think, the parents of these children, as much as they want to, can’t even do the best they can because poverty (they only house on streets or subways). Their parenting capabilities are dumped by what they can only provide. They can only settle with what they can provide.

The six little friends then realized their blessings in life. 
Going home they took a zip with these fabulous colorful slurpees from 7/11 Store and talked about good things in their memory lanes. 

The six little friends appreciated their struggles, their families, loved ones and how God created them as they are today.

Thanks to Quiapo and the other manifestations of life.

 Juan Hapito 

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